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EVO RS9 at Audioconcepts

Clifford, XFire, Alpine and Hertz Upgrades for EVO

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This incredible EVO9 RS with 700bhp came in for some equally powerful upgrades, this is what the Audioconcepts Team did:

>>> Clifford 650 MK2 CAT1 with SHOCK

>>> Global Telemetrics Tracker

>>> XFire 5 Channel Amplifier

>>> XFire 10 inch Slim Subwoofer

>>> XFire Reference Speakers

>>> Hertz Reference Speakers

>>> Skinz Soundproofing

>>> Custom Boot Build

>>> Connection Cables

>>> LEDS

Clifford 650 at Audioconcepts

The Clifford Concept 650 is undoubtedly the best system money can buy. A reputation renowned Worldwide, this system strikes fear into the most ardent of car thieves. With its G5 Technology and Anti Hi-Jacking Features, this system protects YOU and your vehicle from whatever the Car Thief can throw at it!  The amount of features are endless and can provide you with the ultimate protection, leaving all other Car alarms standing.

Obviously comes with Full Thatcham Category 1 approval, it is recognized by every insurance company through the land.  The best system is equipped with the best technology, and the Clifford Concept 650 is exactly that!  So technologically advanced, reliability comes without question!  So reliable in fact it will last the lifetime of your car, meaning you wouldn’t have to replace it.  With such a complicated install, needs a fully qualified, fully trained engineer! All Audioconcepts engineers are registered by Clifford and the MESF. Therefore you know, the person installing your system, knows exactly what he’s doing!  The summit of car security, you know your vehicle is completely protected, securing your pride and joy for years to come.


Global Telemetrics GPS Car Tracking

Main Features :

Monitored 24/7 by SmarTrack Secure Control Centre

GPS + GSM Technology

See your asset live at home by PC

Motion Sensing Alerts (Monitors un-authorised movement)

Battery back-up + Battery disconnect alerts

European coverage as standard

3 Year Warranty on this product

British Manufactured

This system can be transferred onto your future vehicles - saving money!


XFire Audio Upgrades at Audioconcepts

XFire 5 Channel Amplifier

Peerless Amplification Unleashed! XFR Series Amplifiers raise the bar on amplification savagery with gut wrenching performance and quality producing pristine audio with discerning detail capable of unleashing profound sonic fury without breaking a sweat.  Unleash your wild side!

XFire 10 inch Slim Subwoofer

Dominant, Percussive, Attitude.  EFX Dominator Series Subwoofers are down and dirty heavy-duty bass machines cranking out serious performance and attitude with a knock-out punch.   EFX Dominator Series Subwoofers tap the genetic profiles of our XMF and XFR Series subwoofers for the utmost in reliability and performance standing steadfast to handle whatever music that moves you.

XFire Reference Speakers

Reference Audio Redefined.  XFR Signature Series Components redefine the boundaries of sonic euphoria with lush, crystal clear image and dynamics the way music was intended to be heard. XFRS Series Components garner exquisite definition and detail.

Hertz Reference Speakers

Hi-ENERGY car audio coaxial speakers prove continuous evolution and research aimed at offering the best installation flexibility and versatility. Their parameters were perfected for insuring constant, lasting performances in modern car compartments and thrilling, excellent sound, always at maximum levels. Hi-Energy coaxials have all the features of the new line: from the oversized magnet to pure copper voice coil wound on a KSV former, from the Damped Mesh Fibre to aerodynamic gasket. The revolutionary RHFC™, Rotary High-Frequency Contour, system enables to rotate and incline the tweeter towards the listening point, eliminating any limits to the installation: with the RHFC™ system you can tune the response for any position.

Custom Boot Build

Our team here at Audioconcepts are not only experienced in designing and fabricating full custom boot audio builds, but we have won competitions for it too! We can offer you a full range of options from a simple subwoofer box to a full custom one off Boot Build. Contact Audoconcepts today to find out more information about this service.

Custom Door Builds

A custom door build can not only significantly enhance the appearance of your new speakers whilst giving you the optimum sound quality. Contact Audioconcepts today to find out more information about this service.


EVO Ready for new Upgrades at Audioconcepts
BIG Upgrades for EVO
XFire Reference Speakers in Position
Speaker Upgrades at B&B Audioconcepts
Amplifier and Subwoofer in Place
Boot Build in Progress
Custom Boot Build Logo by Audioconcepts
Clifford Vehicle Security at Audioconcepts
Audioconcepts Car Security Specialists

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